Data Protection Online Course

The laws about Data Protection

concern all UK businesses, from large corporations to sole traders. Not just owners and managers, but all staff who handle personal data need to be clear about what the law requires of them.

The regulatory authorities in the UK frequently impose sizeable penalties on businesses when personal data is misused, or accidentally falls into the wrong hands. And rightly so - it protects all of us from having our personal details given to people we do not want to have it.

All business owners and managers therefore need to ensure their staff are aware of, and trained in, their responsibilities under the legislation. Training your staff will:

  • safeguard your staff from making mistakes in the first place
  • help them work with you in ensuring sufficient checks and controls are in place
  • usually mitigate any penalties in the event that an accidental data incident does occur

This interactive, online course discusses Data Protection

as it applies in the United Kingdom. It uses user interaction to emphasise the points being made, and many example scenarios show how the regulations apply in real life.

Follow the link below to try out the first few pages. The full course can be purchased.

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